Training Courses

TDD Ltd provide Ex Training in accordance to the latest edition of IEC 60079. We provide this training to client requirements and our mobility allows us to train personnel in a familiar environment using equipment that they use every day, giving our Client the confidence that the training they receive is specific and relevant, and by increasing the confidence of the workforce, the client can ensure that their worksite is as safe as possible.

HV/LV Training carried out by TDD Ltd is provided in accordance to the latest relevant standards, in this case, SI635 (Electricity at Work Regulations) UK and NFPA 70E (National Fire Protection Association) USA. We run this Course with an Assessment at any location of the Clients choosing, because of our mobility. This will help the Client gain outstanding training with value for money.

Alongside Electrical Training, TDD Ltd provide various Emergency Management Training geared at various levels of Management, and all courses are provided to current standards. Emergency Management Training is essential to ensure that personnel are confident in their own decision-making and people management skills during difficult times.