Standards and Competence


TDD recognises that, while all training and development requires to be carried out and measured against a standard, many companies do not wish to go down the road of nationally accredited vocational qualification standards for their personnel. Besides having the ability and past experience in the incorporation of national standards to company competence programmes, TDD can provide you with your own company in-house standards.

Competence standards may be task based or vocational qualification based, to suit company requirements.

Where required, fully National Training Organisation accredited standards can be put in place.

Competence Analysis

A complete competence analysis of staff can be carried out, resulting in the presentation of an individual competence profile for each member of staff assessed and, if required, an overall company or shift team competence profile.

Competence measurement can take place on a task basis, related to the applicable job description, on a standards base against in-house company standards or on a national standards basis, as required.

Gap analysis is carried out against the appropriate task, company or national standards to indicate any short fall on an individual or team basis.

Resulting profiles clearly illustrate the training requirements of all individuals captured in the analysis.

Where required, training plans, training provision and training management systems can be provided.

Competence Management

From setting up of competence standards (company standards, National or International Standards), to development and delivery of competence development training programmes, assessment, feedback and evaluation, we can manage the whole competence system for you including all administration.

Competence Training

Development and delivery of competence training programmes to cover: