Safe Electrical Operations

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4-Day Course

This training course and assessment program is based on Electrical Safe Operations as recommended in UK Electricity at Work Regulations Statutory Instrument SI 635 and the US NFPA-70E Standard For Electrical Safety at the Workplace

Target Audience

Electrical Technicians, Supervisors and Electrical Management

Day 1

Electrical Hazards: Shock/Arc Flash

First Aid Treatment for electrical injury

Fault levels in a distribution system

Switching programmes and safe work site preparation

Permits/electrical safety rules/electrical authorisation levels

Day 2

Practical Assessment No 1

Prepare a switching programme required to undertake IR testing on an HV/LV distribution transformer

Switchgear types and methods of arc extinction

Use of circuit breakers, contactors, HRC fuses and isolators

Synchronization and generation control

Effects of governor and excitation variation on alternator output

Parallel operation of alternators

Load sharing of MW & MVARs

Day 3

Practical Assessment No 2

Prepare a switching programme to permit safe isolation of one half of a high voltage switchboard bus bar section for torque check maintenance work. The remaining section of the switchboard is to remain live at 6.6KV

Alternator load limits & capability diagrams

Starting demands of induction motors

Load shedding

Day 4

Electrical protection schemes

Current transformers/ ratio/mag curves/ polarity checks and danger of open circuit secondary windings

IDMT over current relays

Differential protection schemes

Restricted earth fault protection schemes

Standby earth fault protection relays

Reverse power and field failure relays

Final knowledge assessment