Ex Inspection and Maintenance

TDD Ltd provides Ex Inspection and Maintenance services worldwide.

Gas explosions are a major threat in hydrocarbon production facilities to loss of life and asset integrity. For any explosion to occur there must be an associated ignition source present during a gas release.

Electrical and Instrumentation equipment provide the most common source of ignition unless the equipment is correctly installed and maintained.

The International Electrical Commission standard IEC 60079 provides guidance on correct installation and maintenance of the above equipment and recommends a 3-year interval between periodic independent inspections of such equipment to ensure safe operation within a hydrocarbon environment.

Our COMPEx certified inspection team work on offshore and onshore installations in various parts of the world and have gained vast experience in different situations regarding Ex Inspection.

TDD Ltd has proven themselves as a leader in the field of Ex Inspection, providing a very high standard of independent inspection services for electrical and instrumentation equipment, as well as producing client specific, relevant end products to allow implementation of a precise and productive maintenance strategy.