Emergency Management and Control Training/Coaching

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Delivery of practical scenario-based courses for:

TDD Emergency Response Management Training and Assessment (see appropriate OPITO Standard for assessment requirements) courses cover all personnel from control room operators through supervisory staff to installation and plant managers, with programs designed for offshore installations, drilling rigs, FPSOs, onshore refineries and gas plants.

Course Program and Objectives

During each program delegates will increase their individual underpinning knowledge both theoretical and practical, of emergency response situations by Participating and Leading in the Management of multiple scenario exercises including lectures.

The scenarios cover a range of Actual Real Life Emergency Situations combined with Coaching and Feedback, to participants across the detailed competencies, set out by the COGENT (OPITO) UK International Standard.

TDD Lead Trainers are experienced in their field as Offshore Installation Managers, Coaching and supporting delegates within a creative and realistic learning environment. Furthermore our trainers are articulate in all aspects of offshore and onshore environments.

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to: Demonstrate an improved understanding of the relevant COGENT (OPITO) Standard, particularly in the areas of:

Course Content

Emergency Scenarios (selection)

Recommended number of candidates per event: 4 min 6 max?Course Duration: 5-days

Above course can be based either on: